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Russian expert: Kremlin pooh-poohs Yanukovych, believing he is traitor

The Russian authorities are vexed by the refusal of Pres Yanukovych to toe the Kremlin line, Nikolai Petrov, expert of Moscow Carnegie center, told The Christian Science Monitor, Tyzhden reported Oct. 24.

 “Reportedly pro-Moscow and Russian-speaking Yanukovych does not want to sacrifice Ukraine economic sovereignty by joining the Customs Union with Russia. He also angered Kremlin by persecuting Tymoshenko for the gas deal signed with Putin,” the expert said.

The Kremlin would not have minded if Tymoshenko had been jailed on charges unrelated to Putin,” Petrov said.

However, Putin will continue to play ball with Yanukovych. The expert said.

 “Yanukovych is considered a traitor by Moscow. The Kremlin rulers wanted him to be a Russian cat’s paw in Ukraine but he failed to become the one.
The Kremlin dislikes Yanukovych but will continue to work with him as there is no better alternative,” Nikolai Petrov said.

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