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Video footage on Tymoshenko is faked rovocation

The United Opposition stated Oct. 16 on Tuesday that the video footage posted on Internet and allegedly showing Yulia Tymoshenko doing gymnastics in a hospital lab is a fake and a provocation, Radio Svoboda said Oct. 17.

The UO wants to know the origin of the footage as the authorities say no video observation is done during medical procedures.

Video cameras had been installed not only in Tymoshenko’s ward but also in  her bathroom and shower, Batkivshchyna claims.

In so doing, Yanukovych has crossed not only the legal line but also the moral and ethical lines.

Earlier, prison authorities had accused Batkivshchyna press service of disseminating reports about the alleged unsanctioned monitoring of Yulia Tymoshenko, saying there are no cameras in labs where Yulia Tymoshenko is taking treatment. 

Earlier, several video footages have been posted in the Internet of Tymoshenko or allegedly Tymoshenko while she was at a remand prison. The authorities dismissed their role in posting these footages at once, promising investigation. However, no results have ever been announced.

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