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Regime scared stiff of Tymoshenko and not to amnesty her

The government–proposed bill on amnesty indicates that political repression in Ukraine will continue, Yulia Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer Serhy Vlasenko said in Kharkiv, UNIAN reports Oct. 4.

The cabinet proposed amnesty this year to many categories of convicts, excluding Yulia Tymoshyenko and Yury Lutsenko.
Commenting on the bill which Rada adopted Oct. 3, Serhy Vlasenko said, “It clearly points to the fact that the Yanukovych regime will unswervingly go on with political repression.”
There is a million excuses for the incumbent to release Tymoshenko and Lutsenko and to save his face at the same time, Vlasenko said.
Yanukovych is so much scared of Tymoshenko that he doesn’t want to let her out of jail, Vlasenko added. 

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