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Yury Lutsenko on pain-killing drugs for two weeks

Yury Lutsenko, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition, has had to use pain-killing drugs for the second week, his wife Iryna says.

 According to Iryna, prison authorities concealed the information that the ex-interior minister had been suffering from acute headaches for the past two weeks and is treated only with pain-killers. His blood pressure is very high – 180 by 140. 
Instead of treating her husband properly, the authorities have again reprimanded Lutsenko for lying on his bed during day hours, Iryna said. The hypocrisy of the authorities is boundless, she said.
Iryna also accused the authorities of banning her husband to meet with the media on the lame excuse that journalists reportedly refused to meet with the convicted minister. “It’s a blatant lie! Yury has never refused to meet with journalists,” Iryna stressed.



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