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Tymoshenko relays to West via daughter her program to defend democracy

The imprisoned ex-premier publicized her appeal to democratic nations, international organizations and Ukrainian diaspora urging them not to encourage the Ukrainian dictator, Pres Yanukovych, and claiming the upcoming parliamentary elections have already been rigged, Radio Svoboda reported Sept. 20.

Tymoshenko’s appeal was made public in Washington by her daughter, Yevhenia.

The 8-page document describes the current situation in Ukraine where Pres Yanukovych rules arbitrarily, embezzling the country’s wealth with his family. Yanukovych is not implementing any reforms, stealing, indulging in corruption and racket instead, Tymoshenko claims. 

She urged the West to tear off the noose of dictatorship around Ukraine’s neck before the rigged elections give the regime absolute power.

Tymoshenko said the democratic world knows how to deal with dictators in a civilized, non-violent and lawful way, proposing her recipe not only for Ukraine but also for other dictators.

Tymoshenko believes an international anti-corruption investigation agency should be set up to deal with dictators and their insiders. All their illegally seized assets are to be arrested and confiscated. Dictators are to be declared unwelcome visitors by democratic countries. ________________________________________

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