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Kuchma tells how Yushchenko terminated extremely cheap gas contract with Russia

Ex-Pres Leonid Kuchma blames ex-Pres Viktor Yushchenko for the high prices for the Russian gas, Ukrayinska Pravda reported Sept. 16.

Yushchenko initiated high gas prices, Kuchma told participants of the 9th Yalta forum Sept. 15.

In April 2005, Pres Putin visited Yushchenko to get acquainted with him. After a tour of his residence, Yushchenko proposed to Putin to abrogate the existing gas contract valid till 2017 and at the price of $50 per 1,000 cu m of gas, Kuchma said.

The following day Putin called Kuchma and asked why Yushchenko had insisted on cancelling the contract.

 “I replied with a phrase meaning “Lights out and nobody home.”

“That is how the $50 contract was cancelled, and we now have the $500 contract instead,” Kuchma said.

Kuchma also lashed out at the administration for tightening the screw on the economy, saying “You have gripped the economy so hard that it cannot breathe.”

“We took many credits to host the Euro-2012. However, not a single investor invested in Ukraine because they do not trust us,” Kuchma stressed.


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