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Tymoshenko explains why she has radiation meters in her cell

Prison authorities confiscated 2 radiation meters they found in Yulia Tymoshenko’s cell during a search, Ukrayinska Pravda reported Sept. 13.

 Meanwhile, Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer Oleksandr Plakhotniuk says such meters are not banned in prisons.
In her statement on Sept. 13, Yulia Tymoshenko says, “Today there was a search in my cell in the best traditions of 1937 [the climax of persecutions by Stalin – Ed.] . My 2 meters were confiscated. The meters let me measure the radiation level in my cell.
While I used the meters, they showed excessive levels and stored the information in their memory. I was going to pass the meters to my lawyers to publicize the information,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.
 “I am convinced the search and confiscation of the meters have been carried on orders from Yanukovych. He is the one who would not be above endangering my health and life using specific agents,” she noted.
 “ I do not trust any radiation measurements taken by the authorities. I demand that my lawyers be allowed to bring new meters instead of the confiscated ones which  cannot be trusted after they have been held by the SBU,” Tymoshenko’s statement runs.


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