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After elections, Ukraine may be swept away by revolution, says Yulia Tymoshenko

Writing on her website Sept. 3, Yulia Tymoshenko warns that the regime of Yanukovych is willing to falsify the election results to establish a dictatorship. She does not rule out that massive protests may follow, stronger than the 2004 Orange revolution.

 “At the time, the establishment of a dictatorship in Ukraine is in its active stage.  If the Yanukovych regime wins a constitutional majority in the new legislature it will the last nail in the coffin of the democracy in Ukraine,” she warns.
At the same time, the election fraud may result in a new revolution, not as peaceful as in 2004, Tymoshenko says. That is why Ukraine needs a helping hand from the West now, and not after the elections when it will be too late.
She says a major threat for Ukraine is the apathy of Ukrainians.

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