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Lutsenko: opposition line-up not ideal

One of |Ukraine’s top opposition leaders, Yury Lutsenko, agrees with those who criticize the united opposition’s program and its election roster, Lutsenko told Aug. 7.

Most importantly, he says, the united opposition is represented by politicians, not tycoons and gangsters. 

Its leaders had made mistakes but did not turn Ukraine into a company owned by the Yanukovych family, he said.

At present, Ukraine has ephemeral democracy covering up the usurpation of power by Yanukovych.  The ruling criminal clans have impunity, the media is muzzled and Ukrainians have no right to peaceful assembly, Lutsenko said.

The choice between the Party of Regions and Batkivshchyna is not the choice between two political forces. It is the choice between mafia and democracy. Democracy can be improved and its representatives can be dismissed. Whereas mafia can be only defeated, Yury Lutsenko said.

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