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Another defendant in Lutsenko case says he was coerced by interrogators

Ex-policeman Volodymyr Tarasenko says he was threatened by prosecutors in the Yury Lutsenko case, Ukrayinska Pravda reports July 13.

Tarasenko was part of the team investigating unauthorized surveillance of first SBU deputy head driver. The prosecutors wanted him to give false evidence against Yury Lutsenko in exchange for not bringing him to criminal responsibility.

Tarasenko said this when questioned in the Pechersk court today.

“The prosecutors told me I would be jailed unless I gave evidence against Lutsenko,” he admitted.

Tarasenko claims the police spied on him and members of the team investigating Yushchenko’s poisoning after the group was disbanded.

Tarasenko also said he had evidence of plans to murder the team’s head.

Another witness in the Lutsenko case, former criminal police detective Oleh Pavlenov, also accused prosecutors of forcing him to falsify his evidence. 

Yury Lutsenko has been accused of unlawfully extending surveillance of deputy head of the SBU’s driver –“which substantially infringed on the rights and freedom of the driver.”

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