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Regions propose another law-enforcement agency combining powers of army, police and CBU

The Party of Regions has plans to form a new agency based on Interior Ministry troops vested with the powers to disband demonstrations and rallies, using combat ammunition, says the bill tabled by the Regions June 25.

The agency titled the State Service of Public Order is to become the country’s most powerful law-enforcement body, combining the powers of the army, police and secret service, the bill’s authors Vasyl Hrytsak and Valery Konovaliuk say. The authors propose to tailor the new agency on the gendarmeries in France, Belgium, Serbia and other EU states. However, the opposition claims the regime is eager to create its pocket agency because it does not trust the present army, SBU and police. “At present, the police and army cannot be used against the peaceful population,” says head of united opposition legal department Pavlo Petrenko. If the new agency is formed, it will be used as an armed stick legally against Ukrainians, he says. The agency officials will be empowered, according to the bill, to enter private homes without a search warrant and use combat ammunition against demonstrators.
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