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Kuzhel tells about hush-hush delivery of yacht to Yanukovych

The opposition has a lot of evidence of the current president’s corrupt dealings, says Oleksandra Kuzhel, the leader of the Civil Resistance NGO, Ukrayinska Pravda reported June 24.

She cited the constitutional coup which gave Yanukovych more power, the Kharkiv gas agreement with Russia, the appointment of Yanukovych sidekicks to rule the regions, illegal takeovers and corruption. It is wrong to shift the blame to the premier or his ministers as they are all appointees of Yanukovych, Kuzhel said. “If the incumbent is really fighting corruption, will his subordinates dare to steal?” Kuzhel asked. Serious crime has grown by 40% in the 2 years of Yanukovych rule, Kuzhel noted. “We have found ourselves in a situation when Yanukovych earnestly believes he is a king in his Mezhihirya palace. There’s a lot of talk that he has been given a present by his Dnipropetrovsk sidekicks – a modern yacht styled as an old vessel, with golden toilet bowls. Dnipropetrovsk ship builders, allegedly say that the yacht was covered with a net and delivered to the incumbent’s residence at night in order not to be seen by the public. After getting such present, do you think Yanukovych will tell Dnipropetrovsk officials to stop stealing? The people see everything and become disheartened, while the majority is angered,” Oleksandra Kuzhel said.
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