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Another witness says Lutsenko not guilty

Yet another witness, ex-deputy interior minister Volodymyr Yevdokimov, told the court June 21 his former boss, Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, was not guilty of abusing his office. The prosecution has accused Lutsenko of illegally ordering the shadowing of a SBU deputy chief’s driver in the Yushchenko poisoning investigation, Tyzgden reported June 22.

 The witness said Yury Lutsenko had shown little interest in the investigation, and he hadn’t committed any crime. He had signed a routine permission for observation as Yushchenko’s poisoning was being investigated. 

Earlier, another high-ranking interior ministry official, Yevhen Troyan from its criminal investigations department, told the court Lutsenko’s permission to shadow the driver was legal.

Similarly, yet another ex-deputy interior minister and head of the investigations department Petro Kolyada told the court there is no guilt on Lutsenko’s part. 


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