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Prison authorities nail down window in Lutsenko’s cell

Prison authorities removed the catches on the window in Yury Lutsenko’s cell replacing them with nails, and now he won’t be able to open it, his wife Iryna said, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Apr.19.

 It happened after Yury Lutsenko greeted his supporters outside the prison with Easter, she said.

The authorities also put two prison officials to watch Lutsenko round the clock.

They banned his wife to meet with her husband tête-à-tête saying the presence of a guard was required.

Being a civil defense lawyer in the case, Iryna referred to the Criminal Code article allowing her confidential meetings with her client.

The authorities fear Yury Lutsenko too much to let him speak to the people even from his cell, Iryna Lutsenko said.


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