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Police ban protesters to approach Pototsky Palace in Lviv

A column of Lviv residents representing the “Holy Thursday Without Filthy Regime” movement was blocked by the police close to the Pototsky Palace, the venue of Pres Yanukovych meeting with Lviv intellectuals on Thursday Apr. 12, Svoboda website report runs.

 The movement rallied a silent meeting at 10 a.m. near the Shevchenko monument on the occasion of the visit by Pres Yanukovych to Lviv. Several hundreds of participants were members of the opposition parties united in the Committee to Oppose Dictatorship.

The participants carried slogans reading “No to political repression”, “ Mr. President, your Lviv governor is illegal” [the governor received a vote of no-confidence from the city council], “Who stands behind repression against 600 companies and 400 businessmen?”, “Hands off opposition lawmakers and opposition-leaning businessmen.”

Ihor Kalynets, a noted public figure, writer and dissident, was not allowed to enter the palace to meet with Yanukovych.

Head of Svoboda, Lviv branch, Iryna Sekh, urged the intellectuals going to a meeting with the incumbent, to ignore it against the backdrop of political repression of the opposition launched by the Yanukovych regime and the violation of the rights of Ukrainians. 

The regime has launched a massive campaign to eavesdrop on the opposition. Unscheduled checks of businesses belonging to opposition-leaning entrepreneurs have reached unprecedented proportions. All these police and SBU actions are part of the operation to suppress the opposition titled Suputnyk (Satellite), Iryna Sekh said.  

However, tightening the screw, repression and terror won’t help the authoritarian regime of Yanukovych to survive, Iryna Sekh said.


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