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PACE delegation meets with Lutsenko in prison

A high-ranking PACE delegation visited the Lukyanivska prison and met with Yury Lutsenko, Ukrayinska Pravda reports March 29.

Members of the delegation refused to see Lutsenko’s new cell, renovated this night by the authorities.

European legislators insisted that they would see only the cell in which he had spent the preceding 456 days of his confinement.

As the authorities said the cell was under renovation, Lutsenko met with PACE delegates in the prison chief’s office.

Foreign visitors asked Lutsenko about the state of his health.

Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, said her husband does not receive any medical treatment in prison, only pain-killers. Even pain-killing drugs are not always available, and Yury Lutsenko often complains of acute pain.

Yury Lutsenko requested PACE delegates to arrange his medical examination by foreign doctors.


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