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UPA Memorial Museum to be opened in Krasne, Busk rayon

2012 has been proclaimed the year of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UPA, in the Lviv oblast. March 21, the organizing committee confirmed the opening in the fall of the UPA Memorial Museum in Krasne, Busk rayon, the hometown of UPA’s last Commander Vasyl Kuk, our correspondent reported March 21.

 Following the initiative of public organizations, enthusiasts and local lawmakers, the museum will include a library and historical museum with a focus on the national liberation struggle of Ukrainians.

The building of the museum in Krasne has been renovated. The museum exhibits include photocopies of historical documents, photographs, books and personal belongings related to Commander Vasyl Kuk. The museum will be unveiled on Oct. 7 ahead of the 70th anniversary of the UPA formation.

The UPA museum will become part of the UPA memorial chain made up, among others, of an underground UPA print-shop in the Pustomyty rayon 15 km away off the village of Basivka. 

The shelter consists of 2 parts situated 15 m apart and connected by an underground passage. The underground print-shop location was disclosed by Volodymyra Kulyk, a participant of UPA’s last battle with NKVD troops near Basivka on Aug. 16, 1955.

The UPA memorial chain will also include the Lontsky St. NKVD Prison Museum, the Roman Shukhevych Memorial Museum inBilohorshcha, the R. Shulhevych staff headquaters in Hrimno, Horodok rayon and the memorial museum of the victims of Stalin repressions in Shchyrets.

To mark the 70 anniversary of the UPA formation, the organizing committee announced that a memorial medal will be awarded to UPA veterans. The events will also include the shows of films, TV and radio broadcasts with the participation of UPA veterans, prominent public figures, scholars and politicians as well as conferences and round-tables about the UPA struggle.


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