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Mayoral elections in Obukhiv sound alarm bells for opposition

A candidate from the Regions won a mayoral election in Obukhiv near Kyiv because the opposition failed to put up a single candidate, says Our Ukraine’s Serhy Bondarchuk March 19.

 The summary tally of Batkivshchyna and Klitshcko-led UDAR was higher than the one scored by the Regions, he says.

The example of Obukhiv sounds alarm bells for the opposition, he says.

For its part, UDAR says the opposition should take the blame for its failure.

UDAR reminds that it has repeatedly asked their colleagues from other opposition parties to hold primaries and put up the most rated candidate. This candidate should have been UDAR’s Anatoly Shafarenko, the runner-up in the mayoral election. The refusal by opposition parties to back UDAR’s candidate for the sole reason he was put up by UDAR played into the hands of the regime, UDAR statement says. 

Low voter turnout at 43% indicates disbelief of Ukrainians in fair and honest elections. As a result, the new mayor of a 40-thousand strong Obukhiv won merely 4.5 thousand votes, something which questions the degree of support he will get.  


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