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Source: Kyiv to abide by European Court rulings on Tymoshenko and Lutsenko

Kyiv will abide by the decisions of the European Court on Yulia Tymoshenko and Yury Lutsenko. This phrase will be included in the foreign ministry answer to the letter by 5 EU FM ministers, Komersant-Ukrayiny writes March 6, citing its source.

The Ukraine answer will be posted by Foreign Minister Hryshchenko in The International Herald Tribune where the EU ministers published their letter March 5.

Ukraine FM spokesman Voloshyn said the answer will be “in a positive key.”

“We noticed how much the March 5 letter said about Ukraine being a European country. The letter also indicates we have not been dropped off the EU agenda, otherwise the 5 ministers wouldn’t have written their letter,” Voloshyn added.

FM Hryshchenko believes the letter indicates an attempt by his colleagues to find an agenda after much strenuous common work [talks on the agreement of association – Ed.].

Recall that foreign ministers of Sweden, UK, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany pointed the finger at Yanukovych for denying to Ukraine opposition leaders the right to participate in the elections. They warned the agreement on association with the EU won’t be signed if the present situation continues.  

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