News » Politics 3 March, 2012, 19:33
Belarus to impose tit-for-tat ban on Ukrainian goods

Unless Ukraine lifts its ban of Belarusian milk and meat, Minsk threatens to impose a total ban on Ukrainian export to this country, Ukraine agriculture ministry March 3 website release runs.

 Ukraine banned the import of Belarus diary products, claiming excessive content of antibiotics, in fact, exceeding the allowable limit several times.

“During the official meeting of Ukrainian and Belarusian officials, the latter did not try to overturn the results of examination of diary products. Instead, the Belarusians set an ultimatum and threatened to cut a number of Ukrainian exports unless Kyiv lifts its ban by 15.00 on Monday,” the statement runs.

Moreover, Belarusians threatened to appeal to Customs Union members to impose similar sanctions against Ukraine.

Ukraine banned the import of pork from Belarus against the backdrop of reports of African plague outbreak in one area of Belarus. Ukraine complained that Minsk failed to notify Ukraine about the outbreak. 

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