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Korolevska breaks through administrative defenses and greets Lviv paratroopers with Army Day

The Rada lawmaker and leader of USDP party has managed to meet with Lviv paratroopers to greet about 200 servicemen and give presents, our correspondent reports Feb. 23.

 Yesterday, Korolevska was banned to enter the barracks despite her lawmaker status and official permit from the defense ministry.

“They gave no explanations why they banned us to meet with the paratroopers yesterday. We brought them presents, watches and cell phones,” the lawmaker said.

Natalia Korolevska, a rising Ukraine opposition politician, was treated with respect by the unit commanders. She was given a tour of the unit and even ate a meal in a canteen. 

“I was happy to get acquainted with the unit, I saw their achievements and problems. I was very impressed by what I saw,” N. Korolevska said. 



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