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Yury Lutsenko: Yanukovych won 2010 election because Yushchenko pressurized international observers

In his last word at his trial, Yury Lutsenko accused ex-president Yushchenko of puling his weight to force foreign observers to benefit Viktor Yanukovych in 2010, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Feb. 16.

According to Lutsenko, Viktor Yushchenko made a phone call to Georgia President Saakishvili with the demand to call off Georgian observers from Donetsk.

“Had Yushchenko not phoned Saakishvili, Yanukovych would have never won,” Yury Lutsenko said.

“Yushchenko personally demanded that the observers be withdrawn to make it possible for Yanukovych to cheat, with the result that he got the unbelievable 98% of the vote,” he claimed.

“Yanukovych knows perfectly well who invited Georgian observers to Donetsk. It was me,” Lutsenko confirmed.

The ex-interior minister also said his ministry officials and the Central Election Commission dropped over one million non-existent voters from voters’ lists in the East and South of Ukraine.

The police also stopped the printing of illegal ballots in a private printing-shop in the Donetsk oblast and banned the bussing of voters for multiple voting.

“Recall how Yanukovych boasted from TV screens that he had a 10 to 15% lead on Tymoshenko, while in fact the lead was merely 3%. The interior ministry should take part of the credit for preventing massive fraud,” Lutsenko said.

While Yulia Tymoshenko insisted the Georgians were registered observers, the Regions party called them a group of specially trained people who can interfere with force in the course of the election.


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