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Yanukovych hypes his business in Munich

Addressing the 48th Munich conference on security, Pres Yanukovych said a solar power plant, the largest in Europe, has already been built in Crimea and its capacity will treble in 18 months, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Feb. 4.

  This is not the only occasion when the incumbent hypes the solar plant.

“The plant was built and launched by Austria’s Activ Solar Co. I cited the plant to show that the Ukrainian authorities are interested in the use of alternative energy sources,” Yanukovych wrote in his notorious book titled “Opportunity Ukraine.”

However, the investigation by Ukrayinska Pravda confirmed that the plant is built by companies related to the Kluev brothers [Andry Kluev is vice premier] and Yanukovych himself.

The manager of Activ Solar is Kave Ertefai. He is the son-in-law of Serhy Kluev.

The assets of Activ Solar which is building the solar power plant, including with the budget money, as well as the assets of the companies belonging to the Yanukovych family and owning Mezhyhirya and Sukholuchia estates are registered in the name of the same legal entity -  the P&A CORPORATE TRUST from Lichtenstein.

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