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Regime brutally treats so far innocent Yury Lutsenko. Witness descires coercion by investigators

Despite Yury Lutsenko’s bad physical condition, Judge Vovk continued to question witnesses till 23.30 on Jan. 19.

During questioning, Lutsenko, accused but not yet found guilty, suffered several attacks of the pancreas disease and four times ambulance had been called to help him. Part of the day he spent lying in the dock. Starting at 8 a.m., interrogation of witnesses lasted till 23.00 on Thursday. As soon as she got to the witness stand, one of the witnesses, Bohdana Vasylenko, the chief inspector at the interior ministry, admitted pressure by pre-trial investigator Serhy Voichenko on Dec. 6, 2011. S. Voichenko tried to convince B. Vasylenko to change her testimony. When she read the protocol of questioning she found things she had not stated, Bohdana Vasylenko said. B. Vasylenko also told the court she had been threatened by Voichenko with dismissal from her job.  
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