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Lutsenko to Judge Vovk: “If we go on at this rate I’ll break up physically”

Due to Yury Lutsenko’s bad health condition on Thursday, his lawyers appealed to Judge Vovk to postpone the trial. The judge declined and resumed the court session, UNIAN reported Jan. 19.

  After the resumption, defense lawyers informed the judge that the recent medical examination revealed that Yury Lutsenko’s pancreas exceeded its normal size by 15 to 20%. The wife of Yury Lutsenko, Iryna, asked the judge to put off Thursday’s session to let her husband recover. “My husband was prescribed a 6-time meal and 4-time administration of drugs,” she said. If the trial continues for the day, he won’t be able to follow this treatment, Iryna said. Addressing Judge Vovk, Yury Lutsenko said he is a tolerant patient but the stress of the year-long trial is telling on him and his disease has deteriorated. “If the trial goes on at this rate, I feel I will just break up physically,” Yury Lutsenko told the judge.
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