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Witness decries blatant pressure by prosecutors in Lutsenko case

A former officer of the investigations department of the interior ministry, Yevhen Troyan, was summoned by the Prtosecutor General’s Office where he was told not to change his testimony given at the pretrial investigation of the charges against Yury Lutsenko, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Jan. 13.

 This unprecedented coercive step by the GPO can be explained by the fact that many witnesses in court revoke their earlier statements, saying they made them under pressure from interrogators. “I was summoned to PGO department head Ishchuk and he told me not to change the testimony I gave at the pre-trial investigation. The meeting was held at 18, Borysohlebska St., 2nd floor, room 218 [the site of PGO main investigatory department – Ed.], Yevhen Troyan told the judge the next day.  
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