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Yury Lutsenko tells about his two major mistakes

A year in jail has not changed my convictions and I basically remain the same man I was at the time of the 2004 Orange revolution, UNIAN quotes Yury Lutsenko who communicated with journalists via his defense lawyers.

 “In the year that passed, I had much time for thinking, recalling and analyzing. I began to understand life better, becoming less naïve. Same as in 2004, when I was interior minister, I would essentially be the same Lutsenko and would not strike deals with bandits and their political fathers.  

His major mistakes, Lutsenko said, were to believe in Yushchenko and accept the post of interior minister while the prosecutor general was taking orders from the Party of Regions. 

 In the past year, Yury Lutsenko had read 110 books. 

 He called the past year the year of intellectual saturation and self-analysis. 

Yury Lutsenko was charged with abusing office at the time of the probe into Yushchenko poisoning, giving his driver an officer’s rank and higher pension, and throwing in lavish celebrations of the Police Day in 2008 and 2009.

 The majority of witnesses called by the prosecution have said Yury Lutsenko is not guilty of the accusations, calling them routine practice existing in the ministry. 

 A number of witnesses changed their evidence in court, saying they had been forced by interrogators to give false evidence. 

 The regime called 156 witnesses to testify in court in an attempt to prolong the trial – and Lutsenko’s stay in a remand prison in miserable conditions. 

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