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Key witness in Lutsenko case tells he was maltreated by prosecutors

Speaking at the trial Oct. 7, ex-deputy of the former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, Valery Melnyk, told how prosecutors treated him rudely during his interrogation, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Oct. 7.

 He was interrogated as a witness on the heels of a cancer surgery. The prosecutors had interrogated him from 9 a.m. through 9 p.m. He had asked the prosecutors to put off his questioning but they refused, Melnyk said in court.

“Interrogating a sick man from morning till night is a rough abuse. I was thinking about one thing – how to get out and take my medicine. They escorted me to the rest-room where I changed my bandage. They were pushing hard,” Melnyk said.

After hours of interrogation his head was not stable and he could not read the text of his interrogation protocol, he added.

“I went on reading as long as I could but then I crossed out the protocol and left. They ran after me to the doors, but I was bleeding heavily. My son met me and took me to the hospital. That was how I gave my testimony,” Valery Melnyk said.

He also told that he had checked on how other interior minister’s chauffers were ordinarily hired [Lutsenko was charged with pressing his subordinates to give his chauffer a commissioned officer position – Ed.]. “I was told all chauffers were given positions in the police investigation service as they had access to classified information,” Melnyk said.

Therefore, Valery Melnyk, one of the key witnesses at the Lutsenko trial confirmed that Lutsenko’s chauffer appointment was legal.

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