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Tymoshenko-Yatseniuk rivalry has no political future, Yury Lutsenko says

Yury Lutsenko opts for a united opposition team at the parliamentary elections, reported Sept. 26.The only way-out for the opposition is to table a single roster of candidates, he says.

The last parliamentary elections put Ukraine back politically to 1999, with the return of the suppression of the opposition, censorship, business monopolies, rule of the law of criminals under the cover of official law-enforcement. After 1999 came 2000, the year when the opposition united in the Ukraine Without Kuchma campaign, Lutsenko says. 

Now the opposition is united in the Committee to Oppose Dictatorship, COD. Everything is going on in the right direction. In 2002, the opposition won the parliamentary elections. To win now, the opposition must unite, he says.

Asked whether the opposition can win if two major opposition parties, Batkivshchyna and Front of Change, run, Lutsenko said: “If only the two run, it will be better than if a host of small opposition parties compete. According to the past experience of 2006 and 2007 two democratic parties can garner a 3 to 5 per cent lead over Yanukovych. However, internal feud will start after the win which will take up effort and time. There is go guarantee the Tymoshenko-Yatseniuk relationship won’t repeat the Tymoshenko-Yushehcnko self-destruction.” 

According to Lutsenko, back in 2007 he proposed to a meeting of opposition leaders Tymoshenko, Yatseniuk, Kyrylenko, and Hrytsenko to set up a Union of Democratic Forces, with every leader heading his/her specific area of reforms. “I believe, such political project when voters can see the premier and members of his team in action is an adequate solution. Only the broadest coalition can tap fully the brains and energy of opposition politicians, Lutsenko summed up.
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