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Yury Lutsenko’s condition gets bad. Doctors arrive in prison to examine him

In the early hours of Tuesday, Sept. 20, ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko had three attacks of sharp pain, his wife Iryna said, the Self-Defense party press service says Sept. 21.

His state of health has significantly worsened since Sept. 19, Iryna went on. Lutsenko complained of permanent acute pain in the area of his abdomen and sickness. One of his feet also gave him pain.

Throughout the night, he had three attacks of acute pain for which he was given anesthetics, Iryna said.

Lutsenko had been examined Sept. 15-20 by a team of doctors appointed by the authorities.

According to the NUNS press service, the authorities did not release the names of doctors engaged in Lutsenko examination.

This morning, Yury Lutsenko asked the doctors to examine him once more. Meanwhile, the doctors are in a hurry as they have to submit to court the results of the examination.

The court resumes its hearings on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

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