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Medical treatment denied to Yury Lutsenko because of deliberate feet-dragging by officials

The Pechersk court judge, Serhy Vovk, has refused to allow opposition leader Yury Lutsenko to be examined by doctors outside his prison, Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, told journalists Sept. 13, Ukrayinska Pravda reported the same day.

When Iryna requested Vovk to allow the examination outside prison, the judge said he needed an appropriate letter from the prison authorities. 

Following this, Iryna, escorted by Rada lawmaker Yury Hrymchak, appealed to the prison chief officer Dombrovsky to write the letter to Judge Vovk.

Dombrovsky, however, informed Iryna that he wrote a letter to the Health Ministry, asking it to send a list of medical institutions where such examination can be carried out.

Recall that doctors diagnosed Lutsenko for hepatic cirrhosis, hypertension and varicose veins after examining the ex-minister on Aug. 30.

“All this official letter writing will only tell on Lutsenko’s health,” Hrymchak said.

“Every day of feet-dragging imperils not only the health but also the life of my husband. His life is not in the hands of the judge, prison authorities and Health Ministry,” Iryna added.

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