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Giving false testimony in court, Yushchenko paid Yanukovych for letting him use state presidential dacha

When Viktor Yushchenko changed his pre-trial testimony in court he was repaying Yanukovych for letting him use his former state-owned residence, Anatoly Hrytsenko said, speaking on television in Zhytomyr Aug. 20, Ukrayinska Pravda reported the same day.

“Yanukovych has been in office for 18 months, while Yushchenko still continues to live on his state presidential dacha. Most probably, Yushchenko is paying with his false testimony for the dacha and privileges,” Hrytsenko said.

Hrytsenko was angered by Yushchenko’s testimony in court Aug. 17. “It is sad to see that Yushchenko was afraid to admit he had recalled Dubyna from the talks with Putin. This fact is common knowledge and the Russians also confirmed it,” Hrytsenko said.

“If you take a decision, you, as a real man, have to bear responsibility for this. If Yushchenko had torpedoed the gas talks and gone skiing to Zakarpattya while supplies of gas to Ukraine and Europe were cut off, he has to be held responsible for this,” Hrytsenko said.
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