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Hrytsenko knows what politicians will follow Tihipko ”to buy tickets for Titanik”

The merger of Regions with Tihipko’s Strong Ukraine won’t raise the popularity of Regions, Anatoly Hrytsenko told UNIAN Aug. 16.

  “Those who harbored the illusions that Tihipko is a European-style politician and successful reformer can see them go up in smoke,” Hrytsenko said, commenting on the merger.

The merger implies two things, he said. First, another billionaire has jumped on the Regions bandwagon. Second, Tihipko has surrendered his party and killed his chances of a politician, Hrytsenko said.

“Tihipko was backed by voters in Southern and Eastern Ukraine who viewed him as an alternative to Yanukovych. When Tihipko accepted a cabinet post, he hampered his own chances of ever continuing as an independent politician. Who will back a sidekick?” Hrytsenko said.

Tihipko’s claim to being a European-style politician fell apart when he was hen-heartedly keeping mum after the arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko and other opposition politicians, Hrytsenko said.

Hrytsenko named other Ukrainian politician who, in his opinion, will follow in Tihipjko’s steps – Volodymyr Lytvyn and Viktor Baloha.

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