News » Politics 29 July, 2011, 6:04
Yatseniuk: case against Tymoshenko falling apart

Yulia Tymoshenko can, at most, be charged with negligence, said Front of Change party leader Arseny Yatseniuk, speaking to Kanal 5 TV July 28.

 “In fact, the criminal case has broken apart. It stopped to be legal, becoming purely a political one. The regime has suffered a pratfall, both domestically and abroad,” Yatseniuk said.  

“When witnesses begin to give testimonies in court different from those they gave to prosecutors, it means that the case is lost,” Yatseniuk clarified.

“Speaking as a lawyer, not a politician, I can forecast that the prosecutors will be able, at most, to accuse Tymoshenko of negligence. This brings in a suspended sentence and unconditional amnesty on Independence Day [and the possibility for Tymoshenko to run for parliament in the 2012 elections],” Yatseniuk explained.


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