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Doctors appalled by Yury Lutsenko’s health condition

Ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, now under trial and after 6 months in custody, was rushed to a Kyiv hospital under police escort, his wife, Iryna, said.

 Yury Lutsenko was hospitalized in the morning of July 15. After examining him, the doctors were frightened by the state of his health, Iryna said.  

The initial medical examination diagnosed Lutsenko for kidney and liver disease, varicose vessels, and stomach ulcer. To make the final diagnosis, the patient should take a number of tests. Doctors say Lutsenko should receive treatment in a hospital.

Iryna Lutsenko will appeal to the authorities to transfer her husband from prison to a hospital.

Recall that in early June the prison medical authority declared Lutsenko state of health as satisfactory.

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