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BYUT lawmakers present at Tymoshenko trial were summoned for questioning

Several BYUT lawmakers who attended the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko were later summoned for questioning by prosecutors, Arseny Yatseniuk, NUNS, told parliament July 4, Ukrayinska Pravda reports July 5.

“We demand that the prosecution general’s office explain here in the parliament why they summoned for questioning 7 opposition lawmakers who were present in court,” Yatseniuk said. 

 Speaking about the trial of another opposition leader, ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, Yatseniuk said the judge has several criminal investigations opened against him in the past.  

 “What right does he have to consider the case against Lutsenko? Probably, he must be in the dock himself. Why then can he consider one of the most high-profile cases in modern Ukraine,” Yatseniuk said. 

 Rada opposition factions have demanded that the head of the Supreme Court come to the legislature to explain what kind of a legal system exists in Ukraine, the one to implement fair justice or the one to prosecute and destroy the opposition. 

 Yatseniuk also said his agenda in the upcoming elections will include a list of those Ukrainian top officials who will be prosecuted for the present violations of the Constitution and human rights.  

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