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Russia behind planned provocations in Lviv on June 22

The rally by “Jews Against Hurvitz” and “Jews Against Anti-Semitism” Odesa-based NGOs in Lviv is an “orchestrated anti-Ukrainian provocation,” says Josif Zisels, the head of the Eurasian Jewish Congress and the Association of Jewish Organizations in Ukraine and former dissident.

 He says Jews Against Hurvitz is known for its demands to call Joseph Stalin the Righteous Man No. 1 in the world. “You cannot imagine a more glaring hypocritical demand, considering the amount of suffering the Soviet regime had inflicted on the Jews,” he says.

The investigation carried out by the Eurasian Jewish Congress, Zisels says, has confirmed that the mentioned Jewish NGOs are run not by Jews but by those with links to radical Russian nationalist groups with anti-Semitic views.  

One of such organizations is ZUBR, a pro-Russian Ukrainian NGO aiming to unite Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in a single state.

Many Odesa-based public figures and journalists believe that ZUBR is funded by a local businessman and lawmaker, the leader of openly pro-Kremlin Rodina party, Ihor Markov.




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