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Roman Ilyk: Police wants lists of Lviv Batkivshchyna branch members

Roman Ilyk, the leader of opposition Batkivshchyna party, Lviv branch, was summoned for questioning by the police in connection with May 9 riots in Lviv. Investigators wanted to get the party’s statutory documents…as well as the lists of party members with their addresses and phone numbers.

ZIK asked Roman Ilyk about his reaction to being summoned by the police.

First, as Batkivshchyna did not take part in any events on May 9, I was surprised.

“Before May 9, our party circulated a statement that we won’t take part in any demonstrations and rallies that day believing they were provocations. Moreover, we called on other parties to do the same,” Ilyk said.

However, if our national leaders, for instance Yulia Tymoshenko, and NUNS leader Yury Lutsenko, are being politically persecuted openly, small wonder the police will soon talk rough to fringe opposition politicians.

“I was stunned when investigators demanded lists of party members. This demand runs counter to the Constitution, allowing political parties to withhold confidential information about their members.”

- How do you assess the police demands?

- Most probably, the police received instructions from the authorities to obtain Batkivshchyna members’ lists. It’s only my guess. The time will show if the guess was correct. With parliamentary elections in 2012, the regime is eager to lay its hands on confidential information about our members to exert administrative pressure. It’s a déjà vu – we’re rolling back to Soviet days.”

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