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Svoboda wants ban on Odesa Jewish goons in Lviv on June 22

The Svoboda NGO demands that the Lviv authorities ban a demonstration on June 22 of members of Odesa-based Jewish organizations, calling them Ukrainophobes and provocateurs, TCH reported June 19.

The application to hold a rally in Lviv was made out in Russian using the wording which humiliates Ukrainians, Svoboda says. According to the application, the rally is to be held in memory of Jews “who had died in ghettos, concentration camps and at the hands of barbarian Ukrainian nationalists led by Shukhevych and Bandera.”

The rally, if allowed, will be yet another provocation of Ukrainophobes.

Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok called on Lviv residents to take to the streets on June 22 and “dot the Is” in the issue of visiting thugs.

Meanwhile, members of Lviv civil organizations, Prosvita, All-Ukrainian society of political prisoners, National Union of Ukrainian Women, OUN-UPA Brotherhood and others, gathered in a forum June 17 and decided to stage a mourning ceremony for WW2 victims and forestall mass riots.

On June 22, they plan to lay wreaths at the city monuments related to mass murders by Nazis and Communists in WW2.

At 19.00 the organizers are to hold a rally in the center of Lviv to commemorate the victims of mass murders in Lviv.

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