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Ukraine Commies get on warpath against nationalists

The Communist party of Ukraine is to hold a congress of intellectuals against the threat of Nazism in Lviv, its leader Petro Symonenko declared at the party’s congress June 18.

June 22 [the day USSR entered the war with Germany in 1941], Communists will lay wreaths at the Glory Hill war cemetery to commemorate the victims of Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists, Symonenko said.

The beneficiaries of the red flag saga are those who are cashing in on fueling a confrontation between Eastern and Western Ukraine, says political expert Vitali Portnikov on

By canceling the law allowing red flags at the events related to WW2, the regime has actually thrown the lifeline to Communists. Now they have something to talk about at their congress instead of condemning the ill-fated pension reform and other cabinet’s so-called reforms, Portnikov says.

Now the Communists can dangle the red flag hoax in front of their impoverished voters who will obediently vote for their leader to give him and his cronies a bourgeois style of life.

And when their elder brothers in the coalition, the Party of Regions, start to make order in earnest in Ukraine, the Commies will be handy to share their Soviet-era expertise, he says.




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