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Odesa-based Jewish organization coming to Lviv to take part in “anti-Nazi” rally

Odesa-based “Jews Against Anti-Semitism” and “Jews Against Hurvitz” organizations will join Communists at the anti-Nazi rally in Lviv on June 22, the day USSR entered the war with Germany in 1941, Levy Bereh reports June 17.

According to the organizers, the rally will be held to protest “against the Fascist policy, anti-Semitism and Holocaust and commemorate the Jews who perished in the Jewish ghettos and concentration camps at the hands of inhuman henchmen – Ukrainian nationalists led by their leaders Shukhevych and Bandera,” runs the memo accompanying the demand by the organizers to provide police protection for the rally at the Glory Hill, a WW2 war cemetery.

Experts in Lviv say this is another attempt by anti-Ukrainian forces to repeat the turmoil on May 9 when local residents clashed with Communists, including those who came from Odesa and Crimea, who carried red flags in violation of the ban by a Lviv court.

By contrast, radical nationalist Svoboda NGO will stage a demonstration on June 22 with placards showing massive 1941 shootings of Ukrainian patriots by the Soviet secret police.



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