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Nothing can stop his legal lynching, Yury Lutsenko says

Speaking to the media, former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko thanked the international community for support, saying even this cannot stop the Ukrainian opposition from being lynched by the Yanukovych regime, his party’s website June 10 report runs, citing Lutsenko’s interview by Poland's Rzeczpospolita.

Asked by the paper’s correspondent about his reaction to the protests in Europe about his and other cabinet members’ detention, Lutsenko said, “I’ll tell you frankly, neither the appeals by Europe’s human rights activists, nor the presence at my trial of western diplomats will stop them from implementing their reprisals.”

The reprisals against the Ukrainian opposition can be effectively stopped, Lutsenko says, if the EU signs an agreement on association with Ukraine. It will force the Ukrainian authorities to abide by democratic standards. The agreement can be signed only after breaking the present docile court system and introducing jury courts, stopping censorship of the media, setting up a public television, stopping persecutions against those who protested publicly and holding transparent and fair parliamentary elections next year, Lutsenko says.

As regards his case, Yury Lutsenko does not admit his guilt. He is charged with allegedly embezzling $110,000 by throwing in lavish celebrations on the Police Days in 2008 and 2009. The authorities were so mean, Lutsenko says, as to include in the amount [most of which was the lease for a palace of ceremonies in Kyiv] the cost of flowers laid at the tomb of perished policemen and the cost of a church service to commemorate the police officers who died in a Chernobyl nuclear explosion.

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