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Tyahnybok gathers 10,000 protesters on Lviv central square

10,000 rallied in Lviv on Sunday, May 29 in support of arrested Svoboda activists.

The rally shows that Lviv residents disagree with the policy pursued by the central executive, the leader of the nationalist party told journalists.

“What happened in Lviv May 9 was an acid test conducted by the regime to see how Lviv residents would react to the provocation by the red flag. If they hadn’t reacted it would have shown to the authorities that they may go on with their economic genocide by raising utility tariffs and prices as well as embezzle land,” Oleh Tyahnybok said.

Currently, Tyanhybok said, 6 Svoboda members are in police custody, one of them in Russia. He accused the police of a biased investigation.

The charges by the police are based on flimsy evidence of police officers, Tyahnybok said.

On the way to the city downtown and the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the venue of rallies in Lviv, the protesters marched past the police prison where Svoboda members are held, singing the Ukrainian anthem and chanting slogans.




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