News » Politics 25 May, 2011, 17:23
All Lviv residents should take to streets on June 22 to protest against Communist provocateurs, says dissident Iryna Kalynets

At her May 25 press conference in Lviv, a public figure and prisoner of Soviet concentration camps, Iryna Kalynets, has called on Lviv residents to meet Communists who plan to come to Lviv on June 22 [the day the Great Patriotic War broke out] with crosses and church banners.

Iryna Kalynets is surprised by the interest given by Communists to Lviv. “They hadn’t come to visit any graves in the past 20 years. All of a sudden, they are desperate to come. It means it is a provocation,” she said.

She called on Lviv residents to come out in force, carrying crosses and church banners, with youths standing in the front to prevent the criminals to start fistfights with our people, Kalynets said.

She called the intention of Russia Duma lawmakers to come to Lviv “politicizing on the bones of the dead.” No one has the right to score political points using the dead, Kalynets added.

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