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EU sends observers for Yury Lutsenko trial

The wife of the ex-interior minister says the European Union has sent observers from Sweden and Finland to be present at the trial of Yury Lutsenko, she told Gazeta po-kievsky May 23.

Asked about the reaction of international institutions to the trial, Lutsenko’s wife says, “Germans and British are sending letters. The US State Department and foreign embassies in Kyiv are also showing interest. Foreign diplomats are meeting with us on a permanent basis. The EU sends its observers from Sweden and Finland to attend the trial.”

“The reaction snowballs. For Europe, the causes why he was denied bail – his refusal to admit his guilt, giving interviews to the media and alleged feet-dragging while reading his case materials – look barbaric. The fact that the European Court agreed, after record 2 months, to address the case is proof of this,” Iryna Lutsenko said.

Lutsenko is still on a hunger strike since Apr. 22.

May 23, Yury Lutsenko was brought under heavy police escort to the court. On photos, he looks a mere shadow of his former self.

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