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Court ignores Yury Lutsenko appeal for bail

The case against Yury Lutsenko went for trial today in the Pechersky court in Kyiv.

The court waved off Lutsenko’s request to release him on bail due to critical health condition.

The court ruled to ban defense lawyers and journalists from most of its sessions, citing classified information in case materials.

When the court returned to announce its ruling, most of the journalists and all defense lawyers were not allowed to return to the courtroom, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

 Lutsenko said he was not surprised by the court rulings as the Pechersk court is a pocket court taking orders from Pres Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, Yury Lutsenko told Ukrayinska Pravda in the courtroom that he will stop his hunger strike. “I went on the hunger strike to prove there is no unbiased prosecution in Ukraine. Today, I saw there is no fair court in Ukraine. I need health to deal with these problems.”



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