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Lutsenko’s wife tells why court hearings will be held in secrecy

On Monday, the court hearings on Yury Lutsenko’s case will be secret because the court is to consider vol. 18 which allegedly contains classified information, Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, said, reports May 20.

Only a limited circle of people, lawmakers and counsels, have the clearance. Even she can be banned to attend.

She said her husband told her the volume included the originals of orders, with their copies found in other 46 volumes of the case.

Then, the prosecutors will make all other hearings classified, Iryna said. They have planned to make court hearings secret from the start, Iryna stressed.

Yury Lutsenko has prepared an appropriate protest but the wife fears he won’t be able to attend due to grave condition of his health.


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