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Yury Lutsenko expects to win his case in European court on human rights

There is a sad joke in Ukraine: the most just Ukrainian court is the European court on human rights, Lutsenko said, speaking to Ukrainian Week May 20.

“The court agreed to urgently consider my appeal. I am confident the court’s ruling will be in my favor. It will be another indication that courts in Ukraine are used by the regime for political coercion,” the ex-interior minister said.

The president and prosecutors have the possibility to acknowledge their lawlessness and release him on bail, Lutsenko said. ‘But the feeling of avenge is still clouding their brains,” he added.

Asked whether he will bring to criminal responsibility those who had put him in prison, Lutsenko said he will demand that the officials, judges including, incriminated in the frame-up be held accountable for brazen violations of the law.

“It’s not merely because they have kept me behind bars for 5 months on flimsy charges. They are ignoble liars and pressurize my family. Time will come when they will pay the price,” Lutsenko said.

Lutsenko has been charged with holding 2 allegedly overly lavish celebrations of the Day of Police when minister and promoting his driver to officer’s rank. The authorities say he thus made a 1-million hryvnia dent in the budget – peanuts by Ukrainian standards. Kyiv Mayor Chernovetsky, who is at large, is said to have embezzled hundreds of millions in illegal land deals.


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