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Yury Lutsenko in critical condition. Doctors diagnose new illnesses

Doctors have diagnosed inflammation of esophagus, Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, told Ukrayinska Pravda May 18.

In addition, Lutsenko has over 20 erosions and duodenum ulcer, as well as cystic disease of the gall bladder, NUNS website says.

Yury Lutsenko went on a hunger strike on Apr. 22.

Lutsenko has also developed a malfunction of brain vessels.

His wife has been repeatedly petitioning the prosecution to release Lutsenko on bail.

“Prosecutor General Pshonka has lately released on bail Mayor Chernovetsky corrupt official who had embezzled half of Kyiv’s land and municipal property. My husband did not embezzle half of Kyiv, but the prosecution keeps him in jail for very minor, and disputable, violations of the law,” Iryna Lutsenko stressed.

Prosecutor General Pshonka did not even take the trouble of answering her husband’s numerous petitions to release him on bail, Iryna said.

Lutsenko says he will continue his hunger strike. Meanwhile, doctors have warned that the changes in his health may become irrevocable and lead to his death.

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