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Lutsenko: regime is settling scores with me

By refusing him bail [and keeping him since December in prison], the authorities are settling scores with me, the former interior minister told The Komersant-Ukrayina May 13.

Few could say now, Lutsenko said, why he is kept in prison.

The reason for keeping him in custody that long is that the regime is settling political scores with him, he explained.

Commenting on the reason the court gave for extending his custody (refusal of Lutsenko lawyers to study case materials) Lutsenko stressed his defenders have long rescinded their right to examine the materials.

“[As soon as this happened], I sent an appeal to Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka to release me on bail since there were no reasons, even ephemeral, to keep me in jail. My appeal was answered by silence. I even sent an appeal to the president who is a guarantor of the constitution. The answer was the same,” Lutsenko recounted. 

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